Marrakech Weekend

We create travel packages and tours by  giving visitors a personalised experience, exploring the unique taste, touch and sights of our heritage and culture.

Discover the wilderness of Morocco rich in undisturbed wildlife and ancient traditions. Whatever your particular vision and expectation for your visit, we have the experience, knowledge and imagination to make it come true.

Why Marrakech?

From the contrast of the lively Jamaa el Fna Square in the heart of Marrakech to the High Atlas mountains with breathtaking views and hidden Berber villages, Marrakech is a truly unique city.

Sightseeing in Marrakech is a fascinating sensory experience: the colour, taste and smell that permeates from the moment you land will not dissipate until weeks after leaving.

Morocco has a diverse cuisine unlike any another country.  Famous for spices, Moroccan mint tea with its strong aroma, slow cooked tagines, vegetable packed couscous and sweet nutty Argan oil, there is something to satisfy all of your taste buds.

Planning your trip.

We create a travel packages based on your individual needs, budget and time frame.

Whether you want to explore the ocean regions, mountain area or the desert land, we will plan the perfect adventure for you.