Excursion to Dades Valley – Boumalne Dades

Boumalne du Dades is for most tourists a hub for visiting the fantastic Dades Gorge which starts just north of Boumalne. But even Boumalne, with its hotels and restaurants is not the worst place to explore for a few hours.

Above the fertile valley which with its diversity far more than another oasis, the town climbs the scrap and ends with a great panorama over the vallye below and the mountains beyond.

Dads Valley: The strength of the colours will never escape your memory, red, green and white. The Dades Gorge has a fairy-tale feeling – just after you leave the rather dull Boumalne du Dades, the mountain closes up on both sides of you, before it opens again and you are in a world where the grass is greener, the soil redder and houses nicer.

Two hours away from Ouarzazate, 27 kilometre from Boumalne du Dades, between Valley of Roses, the palm grove of Tinerir and Todra gorges, Kasbah de La Vallée is a 2* hotel-restaurant ideally located at the entrance of the Dades gorges.

Just over the Dades river, it offers a wonderful panoramic view over the oued (arabic name for river), the silver poplars and the entrance of the awesome Dades gorges where you can still encounter many nomads living there with their herds.